Francis Ogallo

We worked in partnership with the Coventry City of Culture Trust to connect Coventry to international cities that are ‘youthful’ in their attitude and outlook.

Inspired by research, this new, flagship international programme invited 48 young people (aged between 18-30) in Coventry (UK), Beirut (Lebanon), Bogotá (Columbia), Detroit (US) and Nairobi (Kenya) to creatively respond to important, urgent and youth-focused issues in their cities.

Working with local partners, young people from Coventry connected with young people in each international city through a series of cultural and creative skills exchange labs and collaboration projects. They will explored mutual connections and creative synergies, shaped by their respective social and cultural contexts. Each international collaboration resulted in creative artwork spanning music (Detroit), poetry and spoken word (Beirut), street art (Bogotá) and digital storytelling (Nairobi).

Youthful Cities also brought together young artists, makers and storytellers from around the world in a digital Global Youth Summit.