Shelves of library books

We offer free easy-to-download learning resources for teachers to help your class explore different cultures, understand international issues and develop joint projects with other schools. These resources help students explore the world beyond the classroom, are applicable to all age ranges and can be used by teachers everywhere. Here are some examples:

  • The Migration Education Pack contains ideas for discussion around migration, exploring the contribution Caribbean migrants have made to the prosperity of Britain.
  • Environment packs focus on renewable energywater and waste.
  • Radical Read explores how young people around the globe have used protest and collective action to promote democratic rights.
  • Learning Other Cultures packs offer exercises and learning activities to support learning about other cultures, drawing on the experiences of all children in the classroom, eg. Polish Language and Culture and the recently launched Chinese New Year of the Rat pack.
  • The British Council and Qatar Foundation International have developed the Arabic Language and Culture programme for schools and teachers to enable students to explore the rich culture and history of this diverse geographical region and language spoken by over 300 million people. The programme’s Arabic Language and Culture education pack is a good starting point to explore this area for primary schools.

There are also many more classrooms resources for teachers to use in addition to these examples.